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Private Investigation Services In Acton, MA .

RCB & Associates offers its full suite of services to Acton, MA residents, and those working in the area. If you are looking for private detective services, continue reading to learn more about our capabilities in Acton, MA.  

Infidelity & Surveillance Services in Acton, MA

Acton, MA residents, and those working in the area trust RCB & Associates to investigate suspected spousal infidelity. Coming to the conclusion your spouse is cheating is a tough pill to swallow. Before confronting your spouse, RCB & Associates can ensure you have the evidence needed to protect yourself and assets during a divorce filing. 

Financial Fraud Investigations in Acton, MA

 Those living and working in Acton, MA, depend on RCB & Associates to conduct financial investigations. Our detectives can closely follow a paper trail and bring you the answers you are looking for regarding missing money. From shady business partners to false legal accusations, RCB & Associates should be your first call.

Criminal Defense Services in Acton, MA 

RCB & Associates, in addition to providing private investigation services, offers criminal defense for those accused of a crime. We defend clients accused of anything from traffic infractions & DUI's to violent crimes and narcotics possession. We have partnered with the CSPS, giving us access to numerous approved defense attorneys who have experience within specific districts. Contact us today to have us begin your criminal defense, 

Missing Persons in Acton, MA

A majority of missing person cases in the US are handled poorly by law enforcement. This is not directly their fault as they are not appropriately trained in addition to juggling the other tasks of the job. RCB & Associates take an unconventional yet effective approach at finding your loved ones who are missing. If you have filed a missing persons report with the Acton Police Department and feel not enough is being done, contact us today! 

Background Investigations in Acton,  MA

Background investigations are critical in keeping you and your family safe. From those who you hire to help around the house to family member's new boyfriend or girlfriend, a background investigation will provide you the answers you need to feel safe. 

RCB Associates: Acton, MA's Trusted Private Detectives 

If you require Massachusetts top private investigators, call RCB & Associates today. In addition to the services mentioned above, RCB & Associates also offers bug sweeps, child custody, and criminal defense services.