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If you or your business require expert private investigation services and you are located in Andover, MA, RCB & Associates is the team you can count on. With our private detectives having decades of experience, we are trained to look at investigations with an open mind and consider all possibilities. Please continue reading to learn more about the types of investigations we help conduct for our clients.

Infidelity & Surveillance Services in Andover, MA

While Andover is considered a quiet, safe place to live, extra-marital affairs can still happen. Some would argue these happen in communities like Andover more than lower-income areas. If you suspect yourwife or husband is cheating on you but having a difficult time proving it, contact RCB & Associates today! We will track your spouse from a distance and cross-reference his whereabouts with his supposed schedule. Know for sure before serving any divorce papers as infidelity can be used in divorce court.

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Andover, MA

Financial Fraud can happen to you individually, or it can happen to your business. While one would think following a paper trail can be done accurately by the police or IRS, it is always beneficial to provide your side of the story to the authorities first. RCB & Associates is the partner you can trust to prove financial mishappenings while defending your innocence with facts.

Criminal Defense Services in Andover, MA 

Have you been accused of a crime and are facing trial in Andover, MA? RCB & Associates is well versed in providing those accused of crimes defense in court. In addition to representing you in a court of law, we will also use our private investigations skills to use evidence, or lack thereof, to exonerate you. We partner with the CPCS (Committee for Public Counsel Services), to provide an unparalleled defense. Contact us today to inquire about our criminal defense capabilities. 

Missing Persons Cases Investigation in Andover, MA

If your family or friends are feeling a person is missing, contact us immediately. Missing person cases greatly depend on how quickly law enforcement and additional parties start the search. We can partner with local officials in addition to heading up the investigation on our own.

Background Investigations for Andover, MA’s Residents, and Business Owners

Are you vetting a potential new employee, or is a member of your family now dating someone with a suspicious past? Trust your gut and hire RCB & Associates to conduct an in-depth background check on the person of interest. In addition to utilizing information available to the public, we go a step further by reaching out to connections from the person's past and conduct a full social media audit. Trust those around the people and business you love and contact RCB & Associates today to begin a background check.

RCB & Associates | Helping those in Andover, MA with all their Private Eye needs

The need and decision to hire a private investigator is an important one. If you feel you or a loved one's safety or well being is at risk, we can confirm or deny with absolute certainty whichever claim you are making. Feel assured in your ability to provide a safe space for all you care about and call RCB & Associates today for a consultation.Type your paragraph here.

Criminal Defense Investigation Services in Andover, MA

Searching for a private investigator to assist you in authenticating your innocence? The experts at RCB & Associates are well-rounded when it comes to criminal defense. These experts have ample experience in the courtroom and on the streets, proving the knowledge and ability to do what it takes to win cases such as these. The right evidence is all it takes, from there our team can do whatever needs to be done within legal measures to bring you to freedom. Protect yourself with a private investigator today by hiring one of our experts here in Andover, MA; RCB & Associates!

Private Investigation Services in Andover, Massachusetts