Private Investigation Services in Arlington, MA

RCB & Associates is proud to offer its full range of services to those living and working in Arlington, MA. Continue reading to learn more about the private investigation services provided to the greater Boston area and Arlington, MA residents below.

Infidelity & Surveillance Services in Arlington, MA

Do you often think your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Generally speaking, if you are already suspicious, there is a chance this is a reality. Our infidelity services is one of our most utilized specialties for clients. In addition to verifying if the claims of infidelity are true or not, we can compile evidence that can assist in divorce court.

Financial Fraud Investigation in Arlington, MA

Owner and lead investigator, Rob Budryk, is well versed in uncovering financial fraud activities. If a business partner or business whom you sought services from has done you wrong, RCB & Associates should be your first call. First, we will compile as relevant information then dig deep into the accused financial statements and public records.

Missing Persons Cases in Arlington, MA

Missing persons cases are often not considered a priority for local police. Whether it is a lack of resources or manpower, after 48-72 hours, these cases, unfortunately, go cold. IF you believe your loved one is still out there and need your help, RCB & Associates will leave no stone unturned. From using all the information, the police have gathered to working around the clock with no distractions, our team of private investigators will find more information.

Background Investigations in Arlington, MA

Background investigation today are automated and check the usual boxes: felonies, misdemeanors, previous employment. If you really want to know if a person is safe to be around your family and loved ones, contact RCB & Associates. From engaging with people from the person of interest past to deep social media dives, you’d be surprised the background information a private eye can uncover.

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