RCB and Associates


Bug Sweep Services for Massachusetts Residents & Businesses

This is a sensitive area of the private investigations world. 

Often times this is a deliberate effort by a known or suspected

person. It can be a former associate, family member, co-worker

or even a neighbor. In today’s world a person with destructive

intent can play havoc with an innocent person’s right to privacy.

Debugging Services in Massachusetts

RCB and Associates measures are used to reveal and thwart eavesdropping and psychological attacks to hinder your freedom of movement and solitude. In the end, sometimes attackers are seeking to isolate you and somehow take advantage of the information they have gathered.

Spyware Scan Services in Massachusetts

 We can conduct a sweep to uncover any hidden listening devices, radio frequencies or video monitors that can be used to secretly record conversations, actions, patterns of travel etc. These calls are handled on a case by case basis, confidentiality is our priority.


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