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RCB & Associates is Massachusetts leading private investigation services provider. We offer our services throughout the area, including Burlington, MA. Please continue reading to learn more about the private eye investigation services we provide residents and businesses in Burlington, MA.

Surveillance & Infidelity Services in Burlington, MA

 Suspicious that your partner is cheating on you? If you are married and share assets, proving your spouse is in fact cheating is vital to protecting yourself during divorce court. Confirm your suspicion by contacting RCB & Associates today to being an investigation. We have experience confirming whether or not your spouse is cheating.

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Burlington, MA

Financial fraud is a reality that is more common that most fail to realize. Individuals and businesses alike are both susceptible to financial fraud, and it can be challenging to identify at times. If you are concerned about your finances and suspect a person has taken advantage of you or your business, contact RCB & Associates today.

Criminal Defense Services in Burlington, MA

Charged with a crime in the city of Burlington, MA? IF you need representation in a court of law, contact RCB & Associates today! Whether you are guilty, or innocent of this accused crime will not determine if you need representation. Having a criminal defense professional will open more opportunities including defending your innocence or pleading guilty in an effort to avoid jail time. Every criminal case has specific nuances that the experts at RCB & Associates can account for when working on your case.

Missing Persons Investigation in Burlington, MA

Time and resources are critical in solving missing person cases. At times, due to circumstances out of their control, local police forces lack experience or resources in assisting with these types of cases. RCB & Associates years of experience allow us to take leads and follow them to their ends. If you are looking for a missing person and are concerned about their safety, contact RCB & Associates today.

Background Check Services in Burlington, MA

Is there someone new hanging around your family, friends, or business that gives off the wrong vibe? Protect those around you and be sure about a person’s character by conducting a background check through RCB & Associates. We offer full reports that include a deep dive into individuals’ online presence, criminal history, and more.

RCB & Associates | Burlington, MA’s Private Investigation

Are you looking for one of the private investigation services listed above? Does your situation require a specific private investigation skillset? Contact the professionals at RCB & Associates today to learn more about the services we provide our clients in Burlington, MA.

Private Investigation Services in Burlington, MA