RCB and Associates


Criminal Defense

A case is only as resilient as the evidence that is procured by the investigators.

More than any other case, a criminal case is won based on evidence that is discovered, gathered and put into

correct form by a professional investigator.

RCB and Associates Investigations are one of the few

Boston area investigative agencies that has a proven

track record. We are not afraid to rattle the doors,

shake the trees, turn over the rocks to help find

exculpatory evidence for our clients. We are not talking

theory or sales pitches, we have actually done it and

we continue to do it for major defense firms as well

as the public at large.

The majority of RCB and Associates defense investigators are prior law enforcement. We have spent our careers in

the courts and on the streets. We have been on both sides of the courtroom we know how to win these fights.

We gather the evidence by whatever legal means possible.

We establish a clear and positive communications and we make sure the plan is executed with

determination and precision.

Getting an experienced investigation working for you is imperative.

Criminal cases can put your freedom, liberty and future privileges in peril. You can turn the table with one phone call. Don’t let the D.A.’s office or anyone else bully or scare you, challenge them with a proven winner that won’t back down.

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