Infidelity Investigations Services in Massachusetts

Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigations in Massachusetts

No one likes to think about a spouse being unfaithful – but sometimes, the signs are too hard to ignore. Whether you need to know the truth as part of divorce proceedings or you just want some peace of mind, you can count on our licensed, professional investigative team to conduct discreet surveillance of your spouse.

Our infidelity investigation services include a full range of techniques, including:

  • Searches of hidden assets
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Electronic surveillance – photographic and eavesdropping
  • Computer activity – chats, emails, and websites

If you desire, we can also reveal the identity of the person involved in your spouse’s infidelity.

When you need to know, you can trust us to give you the truth.

Contact us today for an appointment – we’re here to help.

Photographic Evidence of Cheating in Massachusetts

Photographic evidence submitted by a trained licensed investigator is

amongst the most powerful evidentiary proof in the world! Circumstantial evidence is a start, eyewitnesses can be compelling but quality photos are irrefutable. 

The evidence is used as deemed necessary by the client. It can remain  100% private and confidential or be retained for use in a court of law.  Professional grade reports accompany the evidence as well as testimony as needed.

Don’t hesitate and let valuable time and possibly invaluable footage slip away. Give us a call for a free consultation and we will answer all questions free of charge. No case is too big or too small. We would like to resolve your case for you today.

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