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Private Investigation Services in Lawrence, Massachusetts

RCB & Associates provides Lawrence, MA residents private investigation services. If you live or work in Lawrence and looking for a private investigator, continue reading to learn more about the services we offer.

Infidelity & Surveillance Services in Lawrence, MA

If you are skeptical regarding your spouse’s loyalty, RCB & Associates can help find you the truth. While it is an unfortunate reality, those who suspect their spouse is cheating are generally right. Before confronting your partner, get proof by hiring RCB & Associates. In addition to providing you the truth, we can provide evidence in the event of a divorce settlement while be required.

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Lawrence, MA

Financial fraud can happen to your business or to you personally. If you feel you were cheated out of money or a contract has been manipulated, RCB & Associates team of private investigators can help. We will review the books and use alternative methods of investigation while partnering with banks and law enforcement.

Missing Persons Cases in Lawrence, MA

If you and your loved ones have experienced a loved one gone missing, we empathize with your situation. While contacting law enforcement is encouraged, your case may get lost in the midst of other open cases. RCB & Associates is well versed in looking into the missing persons past, events leading up to their disappearance, and track down leads. Detectives and law enforcement officials are required to get warrants and document those whom the interview. As a private detective firm, we are capable of being more agile when it comes to reaching out to leads or suspects.

Background Investigations in Lawrence, MA

Concerned about a new person that is suddenly around your family, friends, or business? Online background checks are largely inaccurate, and even an official background check only looks at crimes committed and a credit score. If you really want to get to know someone and vet if they are safe to be around, RCB & Associates can assist. We will investigate friends, family, former jobs, and social media profiles to get an in-depth report on who you need to be investigated.

Criminal Defense in Lawrence, MA

Looking for a private investigator to help you justify your innocence? RCB & Associates has the best team of experts that are trained in criminal defense. They have a lifetime of experience in the courtroom and on the streets, allowing them to gather the knowledge and ability to do what it takes to win cases such as these. Finding the right evidence is what they do best, from there this team will do whatever it takes within legal measures to bring you to freedom from there. Protect yourself with a private investigator today by hiring one of our experts here in Lawrence, MA; RCB & Associates!

RCB & Associates: Lawrence, MA Private Investigators

If you live or work in Lawrence, MA, and require private investigator services, contact RCB & Associates today. We can review your specific needs over the phone and begin immediately if you need us too. If you have questions regarding our services or capabilities, continue reading our site or reach out to discuss.Type your paragraph here.