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RCB & Associates is proud to offer its full range of services to those living or working in Lowell, MA. If you need to find answers but don’t have time or need the help of an expert, RCB & Associates should be your first call. Please continue reading to learn more about the service we provide to those in Lowell, MA.

Infidelity & Surveillance Investigator in Lowell, MA

Do you suspect your significant other is cheating on you? Before accusing them outright, it is always smart to get confirmation. If your significant other is covering their tracks and don’t want to find the evidence yourself, contact RCB & Associates today. From surveillance to monitoring behaviors, we can provide you the evidence you need. If the accused is your legal spouse, having this evidence is essential to divorce court & custody cases.

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Lowell, MA

Are you concerned business partners, friends, or family members are stealing from you or your business? RCB & Associates is here to follow the paper trail and get you the truth. See ourFinancial Fraud page here.

Missing Persons Cases Investigation in Lowell, MA

Missing persons casescan sometimes be put to the wayside by law enforcement. If you are convinced your loved ones are still out there and need to be found, contact RCB & Associates. Our private investigators will look into all aspects of the missing person's personal life to narrow down where they may be.

Background Check Investigation Services for Lowell, MA Residents & Businesses

Do you need a new person in your life thoroughly investigated? It may be a loved one's new boyfriend or girlfriend or a new business partner. Contact RCB & Associates today to uncover the skeletons in anyone’s closet.

Private Investigators for Criminal Defense in Lowell MA

Find yourself in a criminal defense case? Your first step should be to find a private investigator to begin collecting and piecing together evidence to prove your innocence. At RCB & Associates, we have ample experience in the courtroom and on the streets and know what it takes to win these cases. It’s all about finding the right evidence, and our team will do whatever it takes within legal measure to do so. Being in a criminal defense case can put your freedom and liberty at risk, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Protect yourself by hiring the best private investigators in Lowell MA; RCB & Associates!

RCB & Associates | Providing Lowell, MA Exceptional Private Investigation Services

If you live or work in Lowell, MA or the surrounding area, contact RCB & Associates today for a free consultation. We will be able to tell you if we can assist in your private investigation needs from our brief discussion. We look forward to hearing back from you!

Lowell, MA Private Investigation Services