RCB & Associates is proud to offer its full range of private investigation and criminal defense services to those located in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Our team of expert private investigators will find you the truth. Continue reading to learn more about the services we offer.

Infidelity & Surveillance Services in Boxborough, MA

Are you suspicious that your partner is cheating on you? Whether you have been feeling this way for a while or just became suspicious, a gut feeling generally has some validity. If you are married or have children, being able to prove your partner's infidelity can go a long way in a court of law while dividing assets or parental rights. RCB & Associates will find out what exactly is going on behind your back with hard evidence. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Financial Fraud Investigations in Boxborough, MA

Do you own a business and while reviewing the numbers, something doesn’t add up? Financial Fraud can be committed by family, sketchy business partners, or even strangers who have accessed your accounts. Our team of financial analysts will be able to follow the paper trail down to every last cent to ensure you are getting all the money you are owed. If financial fraud is occurring, we will be able to help you strategize a plan for a court of law if applicable.

Criminal Defense Services in Boxborough, MA

If you were arrested and are facing a court case, RCB & Associates can help! Our team of private investigators offers a unique perspective from a criminal defense standpoint. By gathering our own evidence much as we do in private investigations, we can exonerate your case with alibis, physical evidence, or both. Even if you are guilty of the crime you have been accused of, our industry network and connections throughout the state of Massachusetts will allow you the chance to have reduced sentences and potential plea deals depending on the crime committed.

Missing Person investigations in Boxborough, MA

Missing persons cases are one of the most utilized services of private investigators. While local, state, and federal agencies working these cases have many more resources, they are often reassigned after a certain period of time regardless of if the case has been solved or not. Thankfully, the team at RCB & Associates are experts when it comes to picking up the trail and digging even deeper to try and find your loved ones.

Background Investigations in Boxborough, MA

Need to conduct a thorough background check on a prospective employee or a new person that is suddenly around your family? Traditional background checks only cover so much information and anyone with a sketchy past is sure to make it difficult to have people easily access skeletons in their closet. RCB & Associates digs deeper than any traditional background check. Contact us today to get started.

RCB & Associates: Boxborough’s Leading Private Investigator

Contact the experts at RCB & Associates to get started on a private investigation. After an initial, detailed conversation regarding your suspicions, we will tailor a plan that will provide you the results you are seeking.


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Private Investigation & Criminal Defense Services in Boxborough, MA