Located in the Middlesex County of MA, Billerica is a suburb approximately 25 miles northwest of Boston. If you’re a resident of Billerica in need of private investigation services, you can count on RCB & Associates. Our team has extensive experience helping individuals and businesses in the Billerica area. From financial fraud investigation services to infidelity investigation services, criminal defense investigations, and beyond, our team will get you the results you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn why our team at RCB & Associates is the top private investigator in the area. 

Infidelity Investigation Services in Billerica, MA

Billerica is a residential town, with many married couples and families. Unfortunately, even though Massachusetts has a low divorce rate, 10% of all marriages in MA will still end in divorce. Oftentimes, infidelity is a major contributing factor to a couple’s decision to separate. If you have a suspicion that your partner isn’t being faithful, it’s important to have solid evidence before making accusations, as that can lead to further trust issues. Before you confront your partner about cheating, you can get solid answers by contracting RCB & Associates! Having evidence and proof your partner is participating in an affair means you will have more leverage in divorce court. Protect your assets and what you deserve by building evidence with RCB & Associates! Our team will do what it takes to get the answers you’re looking for. With our extensive experience in the field, we have the knowledge and tactics to make it happen. 

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Billerica, MA

If your business has been clearing less than usual or you’re seeing unusual charges on yur credit card, you may be experiencing financial fraud. This can be very scary for business owners, knowing that someone has your information and could be stealing your assets. However, when you have an expert team on your side, there’s no need to panic. RCB & Associates can review your business or personal finances to review if you have been a victim of financial fraud. Contact us today to make sure your finances aren’t being stolen from you.

Missing Persons Investigation Services in Billerica, MA

When it comes to missing person cases, sometimes more time, effort, and resources are needed than only utilizing local or state police. We understand how stressful of a time it can be for any family, and we’re here to take the burden off your plate. RCB & Associates is here to assist or take over in any investigation for the search of your loved ones. 

Background Report Investigation Services in Billerica, MA

If you need in-depth background checks for any person in your life, whether it be a family member, new friend, employee, etc., we’re here to help. We’ll be able to pull any criminal backgrounds and far beyond to determine if this person is safe and who they really say they are. Don’t take any chances; Contact RCB & Associates for all your background report needs in Billerica MA! 

Private Investigators for Criminal Defense in Billerica MA

If you find yourself in a criminal defense case, it’s not something to take lightly, as they can put your liberty and freedom in jeopardy. Having a professional private investigator working on your side is crucial to ensure the verdict goes your way. Any case is won based on the evidence that is found, collected, and effectively pieced together to prove your innocence. Since the majority of our team at RCB & Associates are prior law enforcement, we’ve spent plenty of time on the streets and have seen both sides of the courtroom. We know what it takes to win these fights, and have a proven track record of success. We’re not afraid to do whatever is necessary by legal means to win the case. Get the best private investigators in Billerica MA on your side with RCB & Associates!

RCB & Associates | Billerica, MA’s Private Investigation Services

If you need private investigation services in Billerica MA, contact RCB & Associates today! We look forward to your call and answer any questions you may have about our legal services.

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