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Cambridge, MA Private Investigation Services

Cambridge, MA is famously known as the home to Harvard University and is located just across the Charles River from the city of Boston. Generally considered part of the city, Cambridge has a large population and a number of businesses that help support the community and make it a great place to live. Individuals living or working in Cambridge, MA, trust and depend on RCB & Associates for private investigation needs. Continue reading to learn more about the private investigator’s services RCB offers those in Cambridge, MA.

Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigation Services in Cambridge, MA

 Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? With more than 50% of marriages ending in divorce, if your spouse has been acting distant and their behavior has noticeably changed, they could be having an affair. Before confronting your spouse about the alleged cheating, know for sure by hiring RCB & Associates. Knowing for sure means, you are in a better position during divorce court if you decide to go that route. Protect your assets and children and contact RCB today.

Financial Fraud Investigations in Cambridge, MA

We offer financial fraud investigation services to businesses and private citizens in Cambridge, MA. Whether you have been duped on purchasing services or a faulty product or your business partner has been skimming off the top, we can assess your finances and determine if funds are missing.

Criminal Defense Services in Cambridge, MA

Are you in need of criminal defense in Cambridge, MA court? While unfortunate, it is common in the US and in Massachusetts to have to go to court to defend yourself against a crime you did not commit. Alternatively, if a mistake in judgment was made and a crime was committed, defending yourself with professional help is always recommended. At RCB & Associates, we use our private investigation to find exonerating evidence or use precedent in cases past to minimize the sentence or plea as much as possible. 

Missing Persons Investigation Services in Cambridge, MA

Are you looking for a loved one that has gone missing? With any missing persons' cases, time is of the absolute essence. If you are searching for a loved one and feel the police are limited in their resources & attention, contact RCB Associates today.

 Background Check Services in Cambridge, MA

Are you looking to conduct a thorough background check to vet a potential new employee or a new person that is now in your life? RCB & Associates is your private eye that can dig up more than just what’s found on a traditional background check. From in-depth social media reviews to reviewing official financial documents and arrest records, we can provide an in-depth story of this individual.

RCB & Associates: Cambridge, MA Private Eye Services

If you live or work in Cambridge, MA and require expert level private investigation services, contact RCB & Associates today!