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Do you live or work in Everett, MA and require a private investigator to get to the bottom of a feeling you have about a person in your life? RCB & Associates is locally owned and operated out of Massachusetts and provides residents and those working in Everett, MA expert private investigation services. Continue reading to learn more about the services we offer.

Cheating Spouse & Infidelity Surveillance Services in Everett, MA

While an unfortunate reality, spouses can and do cheat at a higher rate than you might assume. If you have suspected your wife, husband, or life partner stepping out on your relationship, there may be more to it than being paranoid. If you suspect the cheating is ongoing, contact RCB & Associates. We can provide concrete, irrefutable evidence that will confirm your spouse is cheating. This can be important evidence to have when going into divorce court and within custody battles. Contact us today to begin surveillance on your spouse.

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Everett, MA

Financial fraud is another unfortunate reality that happens all too often. Whether it is a trusted family member or a business partner, it takes a trained professional to follow the paper trail to identify where funds are being misallocated. Our investigators are trained on seeing the little details and providing evidence to bring the suspected fraudster to court.

Missing Persons Investigations in Everett, MA

Do you have a loved one that has gone missing? Hopefully, the authorities are involved but sometimes, their resources run dry and they see investigating cases that have gone cold waste of time and resources. If you have not given up hope on a loved one that has not returned home, contact RCB & Associates. We can pick up the trail where the authorities left it and continue the following leading until the truth is uncovered.

Background Check Services in Everett, MA

Interested in digging into the background of a new neighbor or person that is spending time with a loved one? Generally, concerns of people who want an individual vetted is right in some capacity regarding a skeleton in the person's closet. In addition to running a traditional background check reviewing their criminal past, we dive into social media accounts and other records that are overlooked.

Criminal Defense Investigation Services in Everett, MA

If you find yourself in legal trouble, contacting a criminal defense investigator should be your first move. If you want a chance at winning your case, you must have a team that's willing to do anything to prove your innocence. At RCB & Associates, we'll do anything within legal measure to gather and piece together any evidence that proves your innocence. With experience on both sides of the courtroom as previous law enforcement members and now private investigators, our team knows what it takes to win these cases. We have the experience and tools necessary to win. If you need criminal defense services in Everett MA, look no further than our team at RCB & Associates. 

RCB & Associates: Everett, MA’s Leading Private Investigator

If you’re in need of a private eye in Everett, MA, touch base with us and we can get started on an investigation immediately. Questions regarding our capabilities or services? Give us a call and we can answer any questions regarding our process, expertise, and reasons why we continue to exceed as Massachusetts's top private 

Private Investigation Services in Everett, MA