Private Investigation Services in Haverhill, MA

Do you live or work in Haverhill, Massachusetts and require the services of an expert private investigator? RCB & Associates’ is Massachusetts leading private eye offering its services to those working or living in Haverhill, MA. Continue reading to learn more about the private investigation services we offer to our clients.

Cheating Spouse Investigation Services in Haverhill, MA

Suspicious that your significant other is having a relationship outside your marriage or a committed relationship. Generally speaking, a gut-feeling can say a lot, but it is always a good idea to know for certain. In the cases of infidelity within a marriage, evidence the spouse is cheating can provide you an advantage in divorce court when dividing assets. Before confronting your significant other, know for sure they are cheating by hiring RCB & Associates today!

Financial Fraud Investigation Services in Haverhill, MA

Are you concerned that a business partner or supposed friend is scheming you out of money? Fortunately, despite even the best schemers' efforts to hide their fraud, paper trails provide the truth. RCB & Associates are experts at uncovering paper trailsto determine not only if someone is stealing from your but also the exact amount. Contact us today for a financial fraud audit of your personal or business finances.

Missing Persons Cases Private Investigators in Haverhill, MA

Missing person cases only remain a priority for local law enforcement for so long. After about a week of searching, law enforcement begins to shift focusses on other issues. By hiring RCB & Associates, your missing person's case will get the full attention it deserves. We will tirelessly search for your loved one by utilizing public information and information provided by those close to the person missing.

Background Investigation Services in Haverhill, MA

Have a feeling a new person in your life has a suspicious past? Whether it is a loved one’s new significant other or it’s a new employee at your company, RCB & Associates will find the skeletons in the person in questions closet. Contact us today to begin a background check proven to find the truth.

RCB & Associates: Private Investigator in Haverhill, MA

If you need a private eye for any of the services mentioned above, give the offices of RCB & Associates a call today!

Criminal Defense Investigation Services in Haverhill, MA

Are you looking for a private investigator to help you justify your innocence? RCB & Associates has a team of experts that are well-rounded when it comes to criminal defense. These experts have copious experience in the courtroom and on the streets, accumulating the knowledge and ability to do what it takes to win cases such as these. Finding the right evidence is the key, our team can do whatever it takes within legal measures to bring you to freedom from there. Protect yourself with a private investigator today by hiring one of our experts here in Haverhill, MA; RCB & Associates!

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